The classic painterly approach is often best…

Back in the early 2000’s it was cool to use raw 3d imaging. These days however, its best to use a variety of techniques. A digital painting often stands out better than a raw 3d image.

In many cases, I will choose to produce a digital painting rather than a 3d render, as it provides much more personality, feeling, and impact.

In the example to the left, it was necessary to create a detailed depiction of the strange woman mentioned in the biblical book of Proverbs, where metaphorically the entrance to hell is depicted as a flattering harlot.

Rather than create a detailed 3d model alone, it was more useful to have control over the image using painterly methods. To the left is the painterly derivative made for a presentation.

3d Origins, Painterly Results

In the example below, the model (produced in Zbrush) was enhanced via digital painting, but generally the clean nature of the 3d itself was retained, since it was a cover image.

Biblical Harlot of Hell

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