• First, download the zip …

  • Next, extract the zip to your desktop or something.

  • Double-click the game icon in the game folder.

  • Play game! See controls below.

Maggot Invaders, Keyboard Controls

  • LEFT MOUSE > Go to position.

  • RIGHT MOUSE > Select anti-maggot device.

  • SPACEBAR > Place anti-maggot device.

  • ESC > Panic / Abort / Wimp Out

Maggot Invaders, Back-Story

Because of germ warfare, a terrible disease is spreading through the world. An army of micro-drones has been dispatched to kill maggots as they swarm out of the carcasses of fallen creatures.

If one maggot escapes, the plague will spread.

A maggot will escape, you can’t stop it. But you can try!

A Fun, Free Minigame by Leo Blanchette 3d (LB3D)

Maggot invaders was a small exercise to conceptualize a game involving micro-drones, and an experiment on a top-down hold-out concept I wanted to do.

It was fun to make, and fun to play. My kids like it. Now its a demo for clients.