It starts with an idea…

From cartoon to realistic, cute to scary, I have 20+ years in mascot / character design. See my portfolio for examples.

The Honorable Mr Leech in Hell, His Native Home

Seek inspiration, run visual tests, see what resonates…

A typical character design session begins with the customer voicing their ideas. We then bring it to a sketch session, which provides examples in digital drawings and paintings.

Eventually, we arrive to a potential candidate, and the process evolves to the finished product.

Glossy Red Robot Ninja Holding Katanas

Delightful or morbid, cute or scary … leave an impact no matter what…

My styles range from basic ‘toon style art, to highly developed and expressive 3d realism, sometimes with a painterly effect. I enjoy bringing ideas to life.

Hybrid alien woman queen with embedded parasite crown side view

Commissions / Project Requests