Drone Crawler, Micro Bot, Unity3 Asset


Drone crawler, scorpion style. See preview game below for interaction with model.

See video below for previews.

Low poly and simplistic design.

How to use this model:
Drag the Drone_Walker prefab into the scene. Create and configure an animator controller according to the usual way and attach it to the Animator component found in the parent object of the prefab. As usual you will find the available animations in the FBX file connected to the prefab.


  • Attack stance
  • Die
  • Feed (or throw, for throwing food)
  • Flying (a hover pose, legs folded in)
  • Idle Base (doing nothing, still)
  • Rest Mode (folds legs in and rests)
  • Take Damage
  • Taunt (wags tail)
  • To Flying (folds legs to start hover flight)
  • Walk (walk loop)
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