Eyeball Spine Slug 3d Model, Strange Monster or Creature / Download


An eyeball with a large eye and a sharp object. Plus he is a slug creature. Very strange, very gross. This is the fully rigged and animated source file. You must use Blender 3d to edit and utilize this slug 3d model.

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Eyeball spine slug. Animated. Originally created for Unity 3d. Simple rig with inverse Kinematics.

Composed of a sea-slug-like body , an eyeball, and a stabbing lance. Interesting creature.

The scene itself renders in Cycles, giving results such as you see in the images. You may repurpose this model any way you wish.

Spine Slug UV Maps 4096×4096:


  1. Spine_Slug_Target_Spine_Slug_Body_Target_BaseColor.png
  2. Spine_Slug_Target_Spine_Slug_Body_Target_Height.png
  3. Spine_Slug_Target_Spine_Slug_Body_Target_Metallic.png
  4. Spine_Slug_Target_Spine_Slug_Body_Target_Normal.png
  5. Spine_Slug_Target_Spine_Slug_Body_Target_Roughness.png
  6. Spine_Slug_Target_Spine_Slug_Body_Target_Scattering.png


  1. Spine_Slug_Target_Spine_Slug_Eye_Target_BaseColor.png
  2. Spine_Slug_Target_Spine_Slug_Eye_Target_Height.png
  3. Spine_Slug_Target_Spine_Slug_Eye_Target_Metallic.png
  4. Spine_Slug_Target_Spine_Slug_Eye_Target_Normal.png
  5. Spine_Slug_Target_Spine_Slug_Eye_Target_Roughness.png
  6. Spine_Slug_Target_Spine_Slug_Eye_Target_Scattering.png


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