Simple Maggot / Larva Game Asset


Simple maggot / larva of no particular species.
Medium density mesh for low and large-scale use. Source texture maps (PSD) included – normal, texture, and specularity. Downsize for needs of project.

See further description below…


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  • 2×Walk
  • 2×Eat
  • 4×Idle

Intended as a secondary character, prop, or simple enemy.

Please remember that maggots are most creepy in the following ways:

  • – Tiny and wriggling / active.
  • – In a hamburger you were eating that you thought was fresh.
  • – Etc

Keep it small, keep it active. They are creepiest that way. Big maggots are like puppies — they are cute and not scary.

For an example of main animations, open the “Demo” scene. Use the prefab in the usual way by placing it in the scene. If you are unfamiliar with how to use animations, please see the demo scene where an animation controller is used in a basic way. It is advised that you create your own animation controller according to your own game need and style.

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