Tardigrade Leech Monster, 3d Model. Rigged and Animated.


This leech monster tardigrade is available on Turbosquid. See extended description animated turntable example below.

This creature has 3 skins: A basic version, a mossy version, and a lichen version. Originally created to be a game character.



This is a tardigrade / waterbear monster. Body of a tardigrade, but giant teeth like a leech or walrus. Was meant for game use, but I have not yet included it on Unity or other asset market places.

Blender 3d, Cycles Renderer

The source file is Blender 3d, 2.91. This renders with a basic HDRI map included, which should generate images comparable to previews included on this product. Blender familiarity is suggested to properly use this model.


In the file, there are three different material versions (depicted in previews):

  • Basic: The basic skin.
  • Moss: Moss-covered skin.
  • Lichen: Lichen-covered skin.

You can switch these materials in the Blender Material slot. You can see them on the dropdown.

It is suggested you create your own animations. There is a basic rig that includes IK and bone drivers.

Bone Drivers:

On the face / head of the creature, there are purple-colored bones. These drive different sections of teeth. The top-most purple bones drive the entire mouth, which is leech-like.


There are some example animations included – walk cycle, attack animation, etc. But it is suggested you create animations for your own needs.


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