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  • Classic AO-Maru robot mascot model. Can be animated. This character is about 12 years old, and has seen his share of days on the internet. See notes below.
  • Professional Parasite Hug Professional Parasite, 3d Model
    Professional parasite. Depicting lawyers, cults, real estate agents, politicians, and whatever professionals you feel detract rather than add to the host of human society. Can be animated easily. 3d model is set up in Blender 2.79. See further details below.
  • Sale!
    Crab Monster, 3d model. Inspired slightly on the monsters from Fallout 4. 3d model is set up in Blender 2.79. See further details below.
  • 3d Game Fantasy Mushrooms
    Large glowing mushrooms such as you might find in a hollow-earth-cave concept, sci-fi, fantasy, etc. These are meant to be large scale, such as the scale of a house or a tree, but can also be used in medium-small applications. Glow can be controlled by setting the Emission value on the material. This is a Unity 3d asset and can be purchased on the asset store. See rotary previews below.
  • Drone crawler, scorpion style. See preview game below for interaction with model. See video below for previews. Low poly and simplistic design. How to use this model: Drag the Drone_Walker prefab into the scene. Create and configure an animator controller according to the usual way and attach it to the Animator component found in the parent object of the prefab. As usual you will find the available animations in the FBX file connected to the prefab. Animation:
    • Attack stance
    • Die
    • Feed (or throw, for throwing food)
    • Flying (a hover pose, legs folded in)
    • Idle Base (doing nothing, still)
    • Rest Mode (folds legs in and rests)
    • Take Damage
    • Taunt (wags tail)
    • To Flying (folds legs to start hover flight)
    • Walk (walk loop)
  • Simple Maggot Game Asset
    Simple maggot / larva of no particular species. Medium density mesh for low and large-scale use. Source texture maps (PSD) included - normal, texture, and specularity. Downsize for needs of project. See further description below...  
  • Golden Ratio Array Generator
    Generates Phillotaxic Arrays for natural and optimal space useage. This is useful for generating non-grid arrangements for natural placement of objects such as trees on terrain, or perhaps random spawn points. Uses are diverse. See documention included in download.  See demo video below.
  • Cute Low Poly Chicken Low Poly 3d Chicken Game Asset
    A chicken, low poly, and cute. What more could you want? You will find an example animations scene (a part of the fbx) but I highly suggest running the animations in a way consistent with your game with your own controller implementation. It has a lot of idle animations so that it looks interesting and busy when it is not doing anything (a strategy I employ for myself as well). Flying and walking animations also exist, for looping. Eating is also a thing, but don't loop it or the chicken will get too fat to fly, as they often are. I wish I could write more...but its a chicken, low poly, cute. Please don't abuse the chicken. See video intro below.
  • Tall Broken Rock, Unity 3d Semirealistic Rocks, Created for Unity3d
    Rocks created in Zbrush, and derived to low-poly form for Unity 3d. See example video below, where they are used in a game environment. These rocks were created so as to be rotated and re-positioned to create the illusion of variety without redundancy.
  • Camel Spide High Detail 3d Model (Low Poly) Camel Spider Monster, Unity 3d Game Asset
    This is a fictional variant of the camel spider, having frontal stinging barbs. It is a game monster created for Unity 3d. See video and Sketchfab previews below.
  • Wireframe, High Res (Camel Spider Monster) Camel Spider Monster, Blender 3d, 3d Model
    This is the Camel Spider monster SOURCE FILE, Blender 3d. Sunspider / Solifugae / Camel Spider Monster 3d Model, Rigged and Animated. Game ready. See below for more details.
  • Giant 3d Tardigrade Side View Waterbear 3d Model
    This is waterbear 3d model available on Turbosquid. Otherwise known as a moss piglet or tardigrade, the waterbear is supposedly indestructible. This larger version is a creature I made, which I would have called the 200lb tardigrade as he's made to look and walk very much like a real pig. See extended description below for more details on the model.
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