Waterbear Creature, 3d Model, Rigged and Animated


This is waterbear 3d model available on Turbosquid. Otherwise known as a moss piglet or tardigrade, the waterbear is supposedly indestructible. This larger version is a creature I made, which I would have called the 200lb tardigrade as he’s made to look and walk very much like a real pig.

See extended description below for more details on the model.


This tardigrade or waterbear * creature renders in the .blend file as shown in the previews. HDRI map is included.

Creature is rigged for simple posing and animating. See example animations included in file.

Waterbear / Tardigrade Skins

As you can see in the previews, there are 3 variations of skins.

  • Moss Piglet
  • Lichen Tardigrade
  • Regular Skin

This was originally meant to be a game character, and as such has a fairly low polygon count. But as you can see, the details are fairly high due to texturing.


Textures are 4096×4096:

  • Waterbear_Low_Creature_BaseColor
  • Waterbear_Low_Creature_Height
  • Waterbear_Low_Creature_Metallic
  • Waterbear_Low_Creature_Normal
  • Waterbear_Low_Creature_Roughness


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